How digital are your HR proceses?
Our project management app helps with planning, scheduling, task management, and time tracking.
When a viewer has an opinion about an image based on their own thoughts, it is their personal perspective. It depends on the viewer's thoughts and values, which can sometimes conflict with cultural values.
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Recruitment & Onboarding
Recruitment serves as the pivotal process of actively attracting, assessing, and selecting highly skilled individuals to fulfill job vacancies within an organization. Conversely, onboarding encompasses the comprehensive procedures and strategies employed to seamlessly assimilate newly hired employees into the organizational fabric, ensuring their smooth integration, effective orientation, and optimal readiness for success.
Learning development & performance management
Learning development and performance management are key HR functions that involve enhancing employee skills, knowledge, and performance through targeted training and continuous evaluation.

Communication and overall employee data management
Online discussions and comments on tasks allow your team to communicate and stay on top of what's happening, no matter the changes throughout the project.
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